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Puerto Rican Pasteles - Ruthie's "Original " Recipe


My mother Ruthie and I, sat down one day about three years ago over dinner. We began discussing her living legacy and how she wanted to be remembered.  As her health has declined over the past few years. I asked "Mom what would you say you are most proud of, besides me of course?! (only son!)

Without hesitation "Mis Pasteles!" she responded.  I said "Why mom?"

"Because everyone tells me that they are the best they ever tasted." -Mom. "Ok so you must teach me how to make them so that world can enjoy them forever" I said. That is how we came up with the idea for Ruthie's Pasteles.  

Although now disabled and retired, my mom has over 30 years experience in the restaurant and catering business. She successfully owned a restaurant and a bar in the late 1970's to the mid 1980's in the Hunts Point Section of The Bronx the once famous "Estromboli" and later "Gil's Restaurant" on Longwood Avenue.  

She also successfully managed a fleet of food trucks until the mid 1990's when she was forced to retire due to her health.

She patiently and slowly began to share with me the tedious process of making her most prized and acclaimed dish.  So much work and suttle skills goes into making these.

She explained to me that it was key to pick the greenest bananas, the right amount and type of yautias. She told me never use plantains and potatoes, Inferior pasteleros include them in their recipe. They are simply a cheap substitute, people use.  They harden the pasteles, make them dry and give them that unpleasant brown color. 

Another key was hand picking the leanest freshest pork shoulders and chicken breasts fresh from the butcher chop, never frozen. We bring the meat home trim it. We also season it, find the freshest plantain leaves we could possibly get our hands on. Then we add the secret touch,(SHHH) It has been passed down from her grandmother, to her mother, and now from her to me.  

Over the past two years we have built a small clientele of Pastele lovers that just can't seem get enough of her "Amazing" Pasteles. 

We aim to scale that business this year, in order to offer this Puerto Rican holiday favorite, year round for all to enjoy. 

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Our Mission


Our mission is to share Ruthie's Pasteles with all of you, year around.  So that you can all enjoy this caribbean holiday treat whenever you want. All while solidifying my mother's industrious culinary legacy, sharing with you her very most prized  and acclaimed dish, her original "Pasteles". 

Buen Provecho!  - G.Aviles, MBA


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